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Proceeding and International Publication

International Proceeding

Nusantara Science and Technology (NST) Proceeding (E-ISSN 2622-9692) supports regional research communities to globalise their findings in Science and Technology by providing an open access, online platform in line with international publishing standards and indexing scholarly conference proceedings.

The current emphasis of the NST Proceeding includes (but is not limited to) the following areas: Life Science, Mathematics, Education, Social Science, Medicinal Science and etc.

All conference papers published on the NST Proceeding are fully Open Access. Open Access publications are freely and permanently available online to any reader, anywhere in the world without subscription to the publications in which these articles are published.

National and International Journals

AKADEMISI will help conference authors to submit the article to national and international journal (indexed by Scopus) through collaboration with KLINIKJURNAL. Authors will get monthly report and can check the publication progress via website. We have more than 30+ journal collaboration for supporting the conferences (all scopes).

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